7 The Book by THE GAD 720

7, The Book by THE GAD 720 Paperback

here for $25.77

7, The Book by THE GAD 720 E-Book

here for $7.77

7, The Book examines the in depth significance of the number and how it is intertwined into our daily existence and throughout time.  The planet and our world is fused with many laws that are bonded to the number 7. For example: The 7 Seas, The 7 Magic Mountains, The 7 Feminine Desires, The 7 Deadly Sins, etc. You will also find 777 Philosophical statements that are mixed with conclusions from observations of the social response to the Corona Plague and Riots of 2020. The importance surrounding the number 7 and its involvement in the mythology systems of Japan, China and Hebrew is well examined. The 7th son of Jacob is brought to the forefront for the theological uniqueness of the number 7 being used in The Bible. Then, last but not least, all of the many 7’s mentioned in The Book of Revelations are unsealed and revealed.

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